Importance of the correct fashion buy

Fashion buy or buy is a term used in the retail industry to describe a a seasonal drop of clothing or products. When a company says retailer X buy last season was failure or performed badly it basically means that particular retailer styles or trends missed the mark and the customer was not tempted into purchasing their products. Importance of the correct fashion buy

This has a reflection on the overall performance of the company and the share price normally gets affected. It easy to follow the trends when it comes to fashion. Play it safe and see what the international brands are doing and just swim up stream with them. Or be the fashion maverick and try to spot the unique idea or patterns that you feel will make an impacted on the market. The risk is getting it totally wrong and sinking like a led balloon or get it right and over night you an industry leader.

In underwear the “buy” is not as risky as what outerwear would be. Yes follow the colour trends and keeping up with the print styles is important. But there are safe “buys”, your bread and butter colours. These are the type of colours that we see every season no matter what. These are your reds, blues, grey ect. The changes to these colours are different shades or dark tones depending on the season.

Socks are very similar, bright colours ect are all the rage at the moment but people still keep buying the basic colours and basic designs.  The key to a successful buy is to get a combination of your safe bread and butter styles and then the more on trend styles. Styles that are unique for the season.

At Undeez Online what we try to achieve this balance in our seasonal buys. An example of this was with our latest sock range. We felt that we needed an update on our current styles but want to keep the colours similar but we also want to add some styles that are a bit more loud. So we have increased our striped range with a few new colour plus adding a few new spotted socks.

Navy With White Spots Navy and Black Stripe

Then we develop a range of more stand out socks. Brighter colours, and different patterns. Which just gives this particular buy a little more of an edgy feel. The true success of this will be over the next few months and how the customer responses to it.

California Summer