Undeez Guide to the perfect weekender bag


Packing for the weekend away might seem easy. But from past experience it might be more of struggle than anything else. Whats the weather is going to be like. Should i take a speedo, how many pairs of Undeez do i need. What if we go to a fancy restaurant and i need to wear a tie and jacket. the weekender bag is so big and taking anything with wheels  is pretty lame.

First vital bit of kit you need for your weekend away is a really awesome weekender bag. Weekender bag basically an over size kit bag that is large enough to pack enough Undeez to last you a good few days. It might seem like a basic bag but you do get some really stylish ones. For any self respectable adult male a weekender bag should not be your old school sports bag from the England Cricket tour of 1998 bag. If you still using anything from your school days then you should re look at your current situation because you have made many bad choices.

Traveling is part of the business we are in and thanks to countless delays we have had enough time to scope out the weekender bag craze! The red eye flights full of business men is where you would find your more high end weekender bags. Dark brown leather, perfectly aged with some wear and tear. Just like their owner in a power suit it just oozes confidence and is cool!


Then you get the canvas weekender or a modern looking one! this is most versatile and affordable. often used as a pillow while waiting for the next flight to take off! Whats great about these bags is that are rugged enough to be tossed into the overhead or boot of the car and you wont neeed to worry about damaging it. Not like the vintage leather weekender bag you inherited. download (5)


For us the perfect bag is combination of style and clever space. Besides clothes we like to make sure we are stock with Undeez and socks to last us more than a weekend long. Also being connected all the time you need to make sure you have all your phone chargers etc so that is why we always looking out for a bag with a few compartment in it.