Undeez Manly Guide to Trail Running

Mat Carter

Living in South Africa the great outdoors is just on our door step. There is no real reason to join a gym and just run on a treadmill. Running can be boring and monotonous which slowly makes people want to stop.

However you do get the people who just love running and can run for days and day and days… Not everyone is that. But trail running is a little different. Jumping from one rock to the next, missing that tree stump, dodging the roots and slipping in the bush is a whole lot of fun than just running along the road. Undeez Epic sports socks are designed with trail running in mind and mountain biking.

The sock is designed so it holds on to the foot better while wicking away any moisture. The Ankle design is longer than normal sports socks to add some comfort and protection to your ankles while racing through the bush. You don’t want to be stopped by a few scratches on your ankles now do you?

Below is just an action shot of our socks in action during team CFC training for the 2015 Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race.

Team CFC

Now that you got the socks you need the gear!

Choose the right shoe is extremely important for trail running. Before we took the plunge to run up the mountain we used your normal promenade running shoes. Which resulted in the trail running being more like ice skating  and slipping a lot. So trail running shoes are extremely important. the range is pretty large and i guess there is something for everyone to choose from.

The main question is what you looking to get out of trail running. If its your basic chilled after work run to get into the country for a bit then your entry level shoes is something for you. But if you going to take it to competitive level and looking to do races etc then the more high end shoes is something that you can look at.

Put safety first. Don’t just lace up and hit the trails like a bat out of hell. Make sure you start off slowly and familiarize yourself with the trails. Its always best to run in group. if not make sure that someone knows that you are out running.

Take it Slow

Get out there!!!!